Benefits of Doing Role of Love


  1. Roll the die every day, preferably in the morning to set the tone for the day.
  2. Practice that love language all day that day.

Expected Results:

  1. You will start the day and retain the visual of the language of love you are practicing all day
  2. Every day you will be choosing to love and proactively watching for opportunities to love in the way you are watching that day.
  3. You will become fluent in several languages of love within a short period of time.
  4. After 21 days you will have formed a habit to love all day, every day
  5. With fluency, you will be able to not only know how to give but have new eyes to see love coming your way and respond appropriately.
  6. Love will consistently flow from you.
  7. Others will feel your love and respond back mostly in kindness.
  8. You will realize that there is so much love going on and love to do that you will not have time to criticize or judge. Nor will you have the desire.
  9. Your level of impatience with self and others will decrease as you diligently watch for opportunities to love and see the good in others.
  10. You will notice a great deal of patience, tolerance and leniency toward others in their actions.
  11. Your eyes will be opened to those that go unnoticed, who are discouraged, or otherwise sad.
  12. There won’t be any satisfaction in hearing about the misfortunes of others but you will see that as an opportunity to lend a hand or consider helping in some way.
  13. This focus of love will help you avoid the pitfalls of becoming easily offended.
  14. Loving daily also accepts people as they are, where they are, and looking beyond physical appearance to attributes that mirror greatness.
  15. Practicing love daily makes it easy to resist the impulse to categorize or stereotype others.
  16. Loving our fellow men/women will help them on their way. Criticism does not.

Enjoy the benefits of loving daily by this small and simple means and watch your life change before your eyes!