Did I do That?? Cause ADD in my child?

Did I do That?? Cause ADD in my child?

It may have started as a baby.  I would try to say something to the infant and connect it with a BOO To make the child laugh.  Back to the clapping hands. Then to the singing songs. Then to the LOOK THERE! Or LOOK AT THIS!  Then the rattle. Back to clapping and BOO… All in the matter of ten minutes.

Unwittingly, I was training my child to pay attention for a very short period time.  In that process, the deeper curiosity was squashed and I was feeding my own ADHD. The adult version of ADD was my heritage from my own parents that raised me without a manual… except manual labor.

Believe it or not, there is a better way.  The better way is called spending time with them to teach focus.  It’s a language of love. If you would like to learn to help your children focus more, then provide activities that will allow that growth.  I think we can truly avert being the accomplice in teaching ADD and continuing that to ADHD.

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