Feeling Alone? Try this…

Feeling Alone? Try this…

It may be of comfort to some to know that they are not the only ones that have ever felt alone.  I have felt it and maybe you have too. Sometimes expressing you feel alone might be a late call for help.  It doesn’t have to be. Recent studies indicate that over 8% of residents in an assisted living facility do not receive ANY visitors over any given 30 day period.  They are alone.

Many years ago, I found a man in an assisted living facility that was alone.  I also was single and felt alone at the time but tried to shield it from anyone around me.  Chief Little Wolf did not. He was so warm and inviting when I came to visit him. I met him through church and found out he could not attend at the building but loved visitors from the church.  His favorite smuggled contraband was Root Beer Soda. I obliged. He had me write letters for him to friends, since he had experienced a stroke several years earlier and could not write. At the end of each letter he would have me write, “And now we have come to the end of an old Navajo trail.”  

Chief Little Wolf taught me that serving others is a great way to not only be with someone else but forget about yourself and how alone you were.  This is a simple remedy, but it works so very well. He had evidence of a stroke. He had evidence of many years of wrestling on a high level without head gear, as his ears were cauliflower ears.  Certainly, by appearance, he had a lot to hide from or keep to himself. I am grateful he did not.

Service to others is a language of love.  It can teach you how to love. Loving others is a great remedy for battling those “all alone” feelings.  It’s definitely not the only remedy but I know of its great power. Feel free to access my book for more suggestions about how to lessen the pain of being alone, through service.

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