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St. George man creates love language game encouraging compassion for all ages

ST. GEORGE — Imagine a world where everyone's intention was to show love and compassion to everyone they met, every day. What would that look like? One man hopes to find out.

By utilizing the five love languages, "Role of Love" creator Paul Zolman has started a movement of love and compassion in the form of a game. Whether your primary love language is words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time or gifts, you know how it feels when someone expresses love the way you receive it.

"Send love without any expectation of it coming back, but trust that it will," Zolman said. "You can call it the law of the harvest, karma, the law of attraction – whatever you call it, it's coming back to you eventually. But sending out love every single day – that's the mission."

"Role of Love" is a set of dice that encourages players to demonstrate love every single day. To play, a person rolls the dice every morning. Whatever love language it lands on is the form of love a player practices all day. He licensed the game in 2017 and wrote the accompanying book "Role of Love" and the "Role of Love" journal this year.

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