The wellness puzzle podcast with Paul Zolman

The Wellness Puzzle Podcast with guest Paul Zolman

The Wellness Puzzle Podcast

We get one shot at life on earth, and when it’s over, it’s done, no second chances. That being the case, why not make it the best it can be? Why not aim to live a life of joyful longevity? That means a long life full of; purpose, passion, achievement, happiness, fulfillment, love, community, significance and joy. It’s possible, and it’s available to you, when you put all the pieces into the wellness puzzle, no matter who you are, where you live, what your age is, or what your circumstances are. It simply starts with a thought and a decision to live your best life, the rest you will learn as you listen to this podcast.


In episode 180, I speak with author, game maker, and sharer of love, Paul Zolman. Paul grew up with a generational background of abuse, and love was a long way from his mind, for sure. Since then he has created a new way to demonstrate the principles of the love languages. It's a profound way to learn all five love languages to give them away. By giving them away, your vision will improve to the point that you can see them coming your way and respond appropriately. The system is so easy that even young children can be trained in this love giving system. Spoiler alert: it's a game where everyone wins. It is a wonderful conversation that everyone needs to listen to.


Paul Zolman is the international bestselling author of the Role of Love, but the true author of love is God. In His wisdom, He placed us in a variety of circumstances that require us to find our way back to His pure love. So, what qualifies Paul to speak about love?

His childhood experience was of the opposite of love, borne out of generations of abandonment, abuse and trauma. From that austere beginning, and the distaste it formed inside Paul, he searched for and eventually created a method that transformed his life from anger to loving everyone. Growing up in a family of abuse, physical touch became his preferred love style, only because of the regularity. He could almost count on it. It was consistent. He came to think that was the way to express love. But deep inside, he knew that was a twisted belief. 

Paul wanted a better life for himself, which is why he created a paradigm shift that works. In his book, you’ll find what helped him move from a childhood boot camp of abuse to being a person who loves everyone and can find good about anyone in any circumstance. The game he created off the back of the book, The Five Love Languages, by Dr Gary Chapman is literally a game-changer. It helped him, and helping many people around the world find the true role of love. 

This is a wonderful and essential conversation, that will inspire you, and transform you into a love language linguist, one roll of the die per day. Please enjoy.

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