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Through The Trauma Podcast - Episode 24 "The Role of Love"

Episode 24: "The Role of Love: From Childhood Trauma to Healing with Paul Zolman" Through the Trauma Podcast

In this deeply inspiring episode, we have the honor of sitting down with the internationally bestselling author of "The Role of Love," Paul Zolman. Paul's remarkable journey from a childhood marked by the absence of love to becoming an advocate for the transformative power of love is nothing short of extraordinary.

As the episode unfolds,  we engage in a heartfelt conversation with Paul as he shares his profound insights into the true essence of love and its divine source. Paul's belief that God is the ultimate author of love, guiding us through various life circumstances to rediscover pure love, forms the cornerstone of his perspective.

Growing up in a family where abuse was present, Paul reveals how physical touch became his twisted expression of love, simply due to its regularity. However, his inner compass always knew this wasn't the path to true love and happiness. This realization ignited his journey to seek a better life, leading to the creation of a transformative paradigm shift.

Listeners will have the privilege of exploring:

Paul's Transformative Journey: Paul candidly shares his childhood experiences and the distaste it formed within him, setting the stage for his lifelong quest for genuine love and healing.

Discovering the Role of Love: Paul unveils the wisdom he's gained on his journey, providing invaluable insights into the profound role that love plays in our lives and how it can be harnessed for personal growth and healing.

The Power of Paradigm Shift: Learn about a game Paul created that enabled him to move from a place of anger to one of genuine love and compassion, even in the face of adversity.

Healing Through Love: Gain a glimpse into Paul's book, "The Role of Love," and find out how it offers practical guidance for anyone seeking to transform their life from trauma to love.

Prepare to be moved and inspired by Paul Zolman's incredible story and his unwavering belief in the transformative power of love. Whether you're seeking healing from your own traumas or simply looking to deepen your understanding of the profound role that love plays in our lives, this episode is a beacon of hope and wisdom that you won't want to miss. Join us as we delve into the true role of love with Paul Zolman.


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