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Law of Harvest applies to Love

The Law of the Harvest? What is that?? It is simply planting, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and harvesting. AND it applies to love.

Planting – Doing small acts of kindness is really like planting a small seed. It may grow simply with you doing nothing. It may die or be eaten by birds. ANGRY BIRDS. It may wither because of malnutrition. Or, hopefully it will grow and mature. Planting at least one seed a day isn’t going to look or seem like a garden or a farm in a week or month, but over time it will be enough to feed your soul and many others.

Watering – I like the analogy of a drip system of irrigation. After you have done an act of kindness, do another to compliment those acts you have done before. Each act nourishes and confirms the other. The seed doesn’t need to be watered daily to sprout and grow but needs more periodic nourishment. Verbalize your admiration for another person every time they remind you of their awesomeness. It will feed them and feed you as well. The system you use is not as important as the very doing of something with thoughtfulness.

Fertilizing – This is you adding nutrients to the soil for the seeds of goodness you have planted. If you have done something or said something kind, follow it up with a gift or a visit or a phone call. Even a text or wave might work. Keep the good feelings you have created and expressed known to the person or persons to whom you have been kind. Constant PH value and balance of the soil of goodness will give strength to the relationship and allow it to grow.

Harvest – Every person needs other people to lean on from time to time. Plant the seeds now for that day. You may become the one another leans on and that will also solidify your relationship. This might be a day you may never need but possibly a time someone else might need to rely upon your support. Be that person that can help others and be there in full strength when needed.

One of the most important things to remember is that this law starts with something VERY small… a seed. Small acts of kindness. Open a door for someone. Be polite. Notice the good others do…etc. Determine each day to plant those seeds, no matter what. It is really difficult to be upset or angry for any extended period of time at someone that practices kindness in word and deed.

What does a mature planting of love look like in the heart? It is a bright and cheerful countenance. It is a happy disposition. It is a grateful person for those around them. It is a mind that does no harm. It is a disposition to look in the good in everyone. It is becoming a person that everyone want to be around because of your innate goodness. Enjoy and feast on the goodness around you. Start today!

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”