Role Of Love Die (Set of 1) Special


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The Role of Love Dice provides an avenue for a paradigm shift.

Whether used to:

  • Create a more loving household environment
  • Teach a child to love, rather than hit
  • Help someone with post-traumatic stress shift to look at love rather than focus on the traumatic experience
  • Take a depressed person and provide a positive service outlet for loving others to get away from depression


…when you roll the dice you’re giving love away.  After 30 days of giving it away in different love languages,
it’s easier to understand when a love language is coming your way and you can respond accordingly.

One high quality molded dice to use daily to strengthen your relationships with family, friends, and total strangers. Use this dice and watch it change your life!

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“My wife read the book, The Five Love Languages. She has tried to implement the concepts into our family life. I am getting her the Role of Love Dice so that she/we can easily implement this concept into our family life. With two teenagers at home all day during the pandemic, implementing this strategy will surely promote a more love-filled environment.”

– Joe S.

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