Success Stories

Makayla and Tyler’s Testimonial – Actual User

Makayla’s successfully uses ROL in her 3rd Grade class.

What our customers have to say…

The Role of Love die arrived yesterday… I heartily commend you for your efforts to bring it into fruition, from concept to physical product. I am even more touched by our verbal statements of what the product, and sustained habit of using it, has done for you. Your conversations, website, and the product itself have stirred untold thoughts and feelings about business, Creativity, and most importantly …LOVE CARRY ON!L. Rex (Arizona, USA)
Can I get more “role of love” dice from you? I would like 8 more dice.
Thanks,S. Allen (Utah, USA)
My 4 year old rolled the die for his language of love of the day and he got physical touch. He was so happy and jumping up and down. Then he went straight over and started hitting his brothers. As the mother I used this as a teaching moment of appropriate ways to touch. Great way to teach love from the very young to the very old. Thank you!N. Lemmon (Missouri, USA)
Great product! i have been using Role of Love now for almost a month with my wife and we love it!Sam Davis