Collection: Role of Love Book, Journal & Cube - Role of Love BUNDLE (buy more and save)

The "Role of Love" Book by Paul Zolman, the accompanying journal & love cube will change the way you show love every day. It is a vital resource for nurturing relationships and enhancing life. Each day, roll the Love Cube. The icon shown on the cube represents a love language: Gifts, Service, Quality Time, Affection, Words of Affirmation and Mystery.

The love language icons, shown on the LOVE CUBE, will help you learn to show love every day. It will bring to your life fresh adventures, intriguing subjects, and creative ways to share affection with everyone. The love cube is designed to help you learn more about family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. It will help you build stronger relationships at work and at home.

After you read the book and implement the cube into your daily will want to SHARE your success with others. The Role of Love Bundle is a unique gift, that everyone will LOVE!

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